Virtual SAN Technologies Revolutionizes Server Technology

The urge to deliver more using less resources seems to be what is driving the server technology industry. In addition to that, server virtualization has proved to be effective especially in terms of making sure that little infrastructure is put in place to accommodate the ever changing face of organization technological requirements. Over the years, server hardware has been configured to make sure that more servers can be produced from a single one as means of making sure that the cost of production has been reduced.


Engineers have also been involved in trying to make sure that the available physical resources are properly utilized using advanced technology.

However, little has been done to make sure that physical servers are modified in a way that suits the needs of organizations and at the same time are efficient when it comes to delivering the needed service. The solution is already available and in use by large organizations after being deployed by Virtual SAN technologies limited. It is a technology that heavily relies on Open Compute Project so as to create standardized
servers that are able to provide the needed hardware requirements while making use of available physical resources. Buying off the shelf servers is not economical for organizations and as a result of that, this technology can be standardized to meet the demands of organizations in a way that is modified to specific needs.


The efficiency of some of the off the shelf servers when it comes to energy usage cannot be ascertained and past research has pointed out extra usage of electricity leading to inefficiency and high costs. The kind of technology that is adopted has to be one that saves an organization in all dimensions and at the same time leads to accuracy and efficiency. Virtual SAN technologies has been able to take a step forward and increased the number of OCP-compliant servers but with some major modifications that are aimed at ensuring that everything is done in the right manner.

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